Magic Mushrooms Denver

Is Denver High Enough To Hurdle The ‘Magic Mushroom’ Drug Law?

Photo: Anthony Pidgeon (Getty Images)

Because the Mile High City wasn’t high enough, Denver gloriously elbowed its way to the front of the national drug debate once again as the city recently voted on a ballot measure to reduce the criminality of magic mushrooms. Unfortunately, the measure (the first of its kind in the country) was narrowly voted down 52 percent to 48, mostly due to the fact that 12 percent of voters were tripping balls at the time and couldn’t figure out which boxes to mark on the ballot slip.

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We salute Denver for its effort and look forward to the continued evolution of drug reform. With the legalization of weed transforming the way Americans view medicinal drugs, it’s only a matter of time before the truth about mushrooms comes to light.  Our prediction is when that day comes, it will lead to noticeable changes in national behavior. Is Mandatory the Nostradamus of mushroom culture in America? Peep the list below and check back with us in four years to find out.

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