Florida’s Voting Machines Too Hot For Midterm Recount

Photo: Joe Skipper (Getty Images)

Florida has a certain reputation. Cartoons depict the state as all alligators, fan boats and thick-accented hunters who might as well be from Australia. After the recount during the 2000 election, you could add another stereotype: Floridians don’t know how to count ballots. These stereotypes are not completely true, but annoyed Americans still like to repeat them regardless.

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Now, it’s 2018 and not only is a crucial governor’s race still too close to call, but the recount has been stalled by overheating voting machines. To most of the country, this must seem crazy. Temperatures in many states in the U.S. are in the 30s, with Twitter abuzz about preparing for snowy drives to work. Meanwhile, below the Panhandle, during the vital days after the election, the temperature was still in the high 80s, causing mechanical malfunction.


Florida state law dictates that a recount take place. A hand recount could follow if the margins of the race remain as tight as they currently are. While the race for Senator will likely end up going to Rick Scott, the governorship is still within 30,000 votes after several days. To fix the busted machines, a mechanic flew into the Sunshine State, but Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher told local news that they don’t “have a lot of assurances” on when the recount can resume.

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With situations like this occurring regularly, it’s no wonder that Florida keeps its bumbling reputation. We can only hope for good news out of Fort Lauderdale, and perhaps some colder weather. The heat sure can make you crazy.