Beer Is The Best Kind Of Petition For Getting Off Work On Election Day

Photo: GULSHAN KHAN/AFP (Getty Images)

It’s no secret that most people don’t vote in midterm elections. Even if you voted for the President, the odds are you won’t be voting on Nov. 6 of this year. Almost 60 percent of all voting-eligible Americans won’t make their way to the polls this year. People often don’t exercise their right to vote because they’re busy with work or school and just don’t have the time to get away. Blue Point Brewing Company gets that. They have to work, too, and like you, they’d rather not. That’s why the Patchogue, New York-based brewery is giving its employees the day off on Election Day and is working to make it so you don’t have to work either. That is, as long as you plan to vote.

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Blue Point believes that other obligations shouldn’t get in the way of voting. That’s why they are on a mission to make Voters’ Day Off a federal holiday. (It is strange that Election Day isn’t already a holiday.) What better way to get people to hit the polls than to give them nothing else to do? The brewery even set up a petition to make it happen. So far, the petition has almost 5,000 signatures.

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Since Blue Point is also a brewery, it’s releasing a beer related to the cause called Voters’ Day Off. It isn’t being made for profit but is only available at the brewery’s tap room. So if you find yourself anywhere near Long Island on Election Day, don’t forget to vote and then grab yourself a six-pack. Later in the month, Blue Point will also be dropping off cases of the beer at Congress. Talk about persuasion tactics!