CBD Everything: From Coffee and Cat Treats to Jerk-Off Creams

Photo: Rgbspace (Getty Images)

If you can eat it, drink it, wear it or sleep with it, it can have CBD in it, too.

CBD is currently the new miracle cure-all that everyone’s using, which is funny because that’s what they said about weed before CBD. The lines at CVS are (somehow) about to get longer than their ridiculous receipts now that pharmaceutical retailers are getting into the mix, saying they plan to carry the hemp-derived nonpsychoactive compound on their shelves in the wake of its medicinal discoveries.

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While demand has gotten higher than us last Saturday night doing VR outside in our undies, there’s still plenty we don’t know. After some digging, we found a variety of weed-inspired products that run the gamut from “I can’t believe this exists” to “Why the hell would someone need this?” And we’ve compiled them all for you right here.

What’s your favorite CBD product you’re trying right now?

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Is there a product you love with cannabidiol in it that we didn’t cover? Wow us with your knowledge in the comments!

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