CBD Summer: The Very Best CBD Products For Maxin’ the Relaxin’ (And Making It Through Anxiety-Ridden Pandemics)

If you’re stressed, having trouble sleeping, or crying for more than six hours at a time, maybe CBD can help you chill. First off, if you’re totally freaking out, know you’re not alone. The global pandemic is stressing out everyone. Honestly, if you’re not freaking out, you’re either Buddha-level chill or Trump-level oblivious. From hurricanes to economic hardship to an increasingly authoritarian government, things are craycray.

While you may feel scared or isolated, remember that help is never far away. Friends and family can be a great source of support. That is, if they aren’t what’s driving you nuts in the first place. Many therapists and hotlines offer friendly ears only a phone call away. Exercising, stretching, or even just breathing deeply can help too. If none of this does the trick, then there are a ton of amazing CBD products that have helped others find relief. This summer, let a friendly, non-psychoactive cannabinoid be your chill pill.

Cover Photo: Ivan Mura / EyeEm (Getty Images)

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