Biggest Tech of 2018: Five Gadgets to Rule the Year

New year, new you, and new electronics to get excited about! 2018 promises to bring a host of new impressive inventions, here to enhance our lives and make the journey more enjoyable.

Today, we’re rounding up our five picks for the most anticipated tech of 2018. These are gadgets that everyone is already talking about, that are certain to make an impact at launch. Let’s dive in!

Apple iPhone XI and iPhone SE 2

It’s January and the tech community is already hyped over the next iPhones. There are so many rumors out there, all spreading different information, that it’s hard to take any of it seriously. Some want a notch-less iPhone X design, which I can understand, but can’t see happening in 2018. Others want fingerprint scanners under the screen.

Looking at the iPhone SE 2, fans of budget phones are excited to see that range revamped. The SE has been a great choice for those looking to spend as little as possible, but still embed themselves into the Apple ecosystem. Here’s hoping Apple announce products that hit both price points!

Google Pixel Watch

While the Android Wear OS powers a lot of watches out there, Google has yet to use the software for its own product. 2018 could be the year that Google makes its own “Pixel Watch” or “Pixel W.”

There’s lots of “stock Android” fans who love the Pixel phone experience, and I think they would jump at the chance for a “stock Android Wear” watch.

Samsung Galaxy Note X

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 did the impossible, managing to overcome the atrocious Note 7 launch and recalls, coming out as one of the best Android phones of 2018. Can Samsung pull it off again with the 2018 release?

The “Galaxy Note X,” as it’s commonly referred to, is rumored to use a foldable screen. Sounds bizarre, I know, but it could mean a phone that can flip into a tablet. It’d be a bold move, that’s for sure!

Windows 10 ARM Laptops

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors are powering the top Android phones, and will soon be implemented into fully-featured Windows 10 laptops. The main attraction here is the long battery life and thin, fanless designs.

If you’re shopping for a 2-in-1, I’d hold out a little longer, as these ARM-powered laptops are looking like game changers.

Wireless Headphones 

Apple finally did away with the headphone jack, which means 2018 is going to be the Year of the Wireless Headphone. If you haven’t already accepted the fate of wired cans, then this year is going to hit you hard. Wireless headphones are going to be everywhere, from all major manufacturers. It’s already begun, and it’s not going to slow down.

Sony and Bose are the current kings of wireless headphones, but 2018 will no doubt see some compelling competitors enter the fray!