The Perfect Bloody Mary Recipe For Brunch

Photo: Iain Bagwell(Getty Images)

Bloody Mary is one of the most famous cocktails, and also one of the most complex out the famed bunch, requiring more ingredients and having more steps than the delicious Pina Colada, for instance. So if you’re just beginning your mixing adventure maybe start off with the extremely easy Rusty Nail, or two other great brunch cocktails that are French 75 and the Mojito.

They all look far more elegant than the Bloody Mary, who appears exactly according to her name, but is definitely perfect for brunches, although you can drink them anywhere.

Bloody Mary History

There are more claims to the origin of the Bloody Mary drink than to the last piece of bagel at a brunch, so it’s maybe even better to leave it alone. It’s important to know that it is a very old drink, the earliest claims of its invention come around 1921, but pop out through the years. The most reasonable name origin story must be that the drink got its name from Queen Mary I of England, who was called Bloody Mary because she ordered executions of many Protestants.

Bloody Mary Ingredients

– Celery
– Ice
– Tomato juice
– Vodka
– Lemons/Lemon juice
– Salt
– Pepper
Worcestershire sauce
– Tobasco sauce
– Black pepper
– Parsley

How To Make A Bloody Mary

Now that is a lot of ingredients, but the actual Bloody Mary recipe isn’t that complicated so don’t be discouraged, it’s just that you need to have a lot of ingredients around. That’s what makes mixing Bloody Marys complicated.

Now, for the actual Bloody Mary mix take a highball glass, fill it up the half with ice cubes for starters.

Pour one and a half ounces of Vodka, followed by double that of tomato juice, so three ounces. Make sure it’s an organic, thick tomato juice, it will be worth it when you start sipping the drink. Pour half of ounce of lemon juice on top of that, and the same rule applies here, see that it is freshly squeezed lemon juice. If you are actually making cocktails, it seems kind of ludicrous to cut corners if you’re chasing the ultimate taste.

Pinch of salt and then a pinch of pepper should follow. Now add about a tea spoon of Worcestershire sauce, but less than a full spoon, not an overflowing one that is. The same amount of Tobasco sauce.

Obviously, it’s a spicy Bloody Mary recipe, just like it should be, it doesn’t seem that something with such a strong name should have a mellow, docile taste.

Take a long spoon and stir the ingredients a bit but make sure that you do a top to down motion.

Now garnishing is equally important for a tiki cocktail, and the Bloody Mary drink has one of the weirdest ingredients for it. Take a stem of celery, ideally the stalk, the one inside, and put it all the way down the glass.

Top the drink with a few more ice cubes, sprinkle a pinch of black pepper over the drink.

For additional garnish, it’s common to add an aromatic herb like parsley next to the celery. It might seem much but for the best Bloody Mary, you need to go all in.

There you have it, a perfect addition to any brunch, but also a drink adequate for any occasion or part of the day.

Know you know how to make Bloody Mary cocktail like a bloody professional, but this drink is all about experimentation, so write your take on it in the comments below or just something you really like added.

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