Meanwhile on TikTok: Woman Goes From Drinking Bottomless to Being Toothless, Brunch Will Never Feel the Same Again

Photo: TikTok/@Autumncathey6

Brunch might be the greatest made-up meal of all time. It takes everything you love about breakfast and then lets you sleep in while adding bottomless bloody Marys and mimosas. Doesn’t that Western omelet or eggs Benedict taste better washed down by Champagne and orange juice at 11 a.m. instead of early in the morning? We couldn’t agree more. While we’re all about breakfast foods, the key to many brunch-goers is the all-you-can-drink boozy beverages. Sadly, paying one price for all the alcohol you can drink seems great in theory. But sometimes it ends up in a bloody mouth and missing front teeth.

That’s exactly what happened recently to a TikTok user named Autumncathey6. She and her friends were brunching at a restaurant they likely frequent. They were partaking in the restaurant’s bottomless mimosas and decided that the right course of action was to document her inebriated state after each boozy beverage.

The video started as funny as a video about people you don’t know getting drunk on Saturday afternoon could be. She laughs and subtly stumbles over her words as she tells the camera, “This is me after four mimosas.” The number rises and her drunkenness gets more pronounced.

It would have been a silly, dumb, not-very-memorable video if it wasn’t for the choice to climb onto a friend’s shoulders. You know, the kind of choices that seem like a perfectly reasonable idea when you’ve had a few alcoholic beverages.

Unsurprising to anyone, she falls headfirst off of his shoulders and promptly knocks out her front teeth. She’s then seen crying with bloody gums and sans teeth. Due to the reckless nature of the video, it was even removed by TikTok. Luckily for you, you can see it on Twitter. Use it as a reference on what not to do after an afternoon of bottomless boozing.

Below you’ll find a few GIFs explaining other things that can go wrong when you drink and make poor choices.

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