Brazilian Model Grabs 100 Penises In Order To Make A Point About Sexual Harrasment

Well, that’s one way to get your point across.

Brazilian model Step Feliz hit the streets  in a new video that involves Step going around the street and groping 100 penises to send a message about sexual harassment. The video, titled “En Tocar 100 Penes” (you can figure out what that means), features tons of men with ranging emotions from shocked to confused to downright pissed off. 

Check out the video below:

This video was made in response to the super controversial 2015 “social experiment” made from “YouTube star” Niti2show, in which he boasted he could feel up 100 women’s boobs.  And you can check out his bizarre video below:

There has to be another way of showing you’re an advocate of gender equality, no?

h/t Unilad

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