Mandatory Good Deed of the Day: Jake Gyllenhaal Designs Manly Salmon T-Shirt to Help Struggling Restaurants

Coronavirus has ruined life for a lot of people in the United States, but it sure has brought out the best in celebrities. So many famous people are pouring their resources into worthwhile organizations and using their platforms to elevate those most affected by the pandemic. For Jake Gyllenhaal, that means helping out restaurants that are struggling to survive shutdowns and a drastic drop in patronage. How is he doing that? In the best way possible: through fashion.

The award-winning actor recently teamed up with beloved New York restaurant Russ & Daughters to create a salmon-colored, fish-themed T-shirt. One-hundred percent of the proceeds from the sales of the shirt will benefit the Independent Restaurant Coalition, a group that lobbies for small restaurants in government.

“Neighborhood restaurants have been uniquely devastated by the pandemic,” the T-shirt’s description page reads. “That’s 500,000 restaurants and 16 million people’s jobs, the majority of which belong to people of color and single mothers. Without targeted relief, up to 85% of independent restaurants are not confident they can stay in business.”

“New York City will not be the same if our favorite restaurants go away,” Gyllenhaal said in a press release. “I can’t imagine our city without Russ & Daughters, just the same way countless small restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and distilleries across the country form the backbone of their own communities.”

The tie-dyed tee bears the restaurant’s logo and resembles the same Russ & Daughters shirt Gyllenhaal made famous two years ago when he first wore it out in public. Every time people saw the actor in the merch, the restaurant was inundated with phone calls from people wondering how to purchase one. Well, for a minute, Gyllenhaal fans could dress just like him. Unfortunately for fashionistas, the $40 shirts have now sold out – which is good news for restaurants in need.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t throw some money at Russ & Daughters, which has persevered for over 100 years in NYC. While bagels and lox are among the more popular menu items, Gyllenhaal is said to be a fan of gaspé nova (a smoked salmon) and chocolate-covered patties.

Is your mouth watering yet? Maybe what Gyllenhaal should’ve made instead was an absorbent bib.

Cover Photo: ISABEL INFANTES / Contributor (Getty Images) and Goldbelly

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