Hero Pilot Tackles Drunk Jerk On Plane After He Assaults Flight Attendant

Unless you’re a passenger on Charlie Sheen’s private jet, getting hammered and being an absolute jagoff on an airplane is highly frowned upon.

Well, one drunk asshole aboard a recent American Airlines flight apparently didn’t get that memo.

Twenty-five-year-old Michael Kerr had himself three whiskeys on a July 21 American Airlines flight that flew from Lexington, Kentucky, to Charlotte, North Carolina. After the aircraft touched down safely in Charlotte, Kerr allegedly stood up and tried to exit the plane while it was still taxiing.

Let’s see how that turned out for him:

Kerr’s shitdickery got him banned from flying commercial airlines, which means if you listen hard enough the next time you’re in Kentucky, you might hear a child ask, “Mom, why can’t Uncle Mike fly with us to Disneyland?”

h/t Daily Mail

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