Sometimes You’re So Pissed Off You Have To Bite 3 Flight Attendants

Photo: marcduf (Getty)

You read that right, kids. A woman named Ires Alves Pereira was recently charged with punching kicking and biting three flight attendants during a Delta Airlines flight from Brazil to New York. And no shock here, but a lot of liquor was involved.

According to Brooklyn federal court papers, the 40-year-old was drinking on the flight when she started fighting with the lady sitting near her. Pereira punched her in the face, before the fight spilled into the aisle. And when flight attendants tried to stop the fight, Pereira took it out on them and ended up biting all of them.

When the crazed Pereira was finally secured in her seat and the plane landed, the three attendants had to be taken to the hospital for medical attention. Pereira was arrested on federal assault charges and now has to undergo evaluation and treatment for alcohol use as one of the conditions of release.

So it’s pretty obvious this woman is completely bonkers and should next time fly with an airline that would gladly accept this type of behavior: United Airlines.

h/t NY Daily News

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