Wisconsin Man Arrested For Sexual Assault Cries Like A Baby In His Mugshot

Photo: Xose Casal Photography (Getty)

The moment you realize you just dicked yourself for life can be a priceless one.

According to the Sheboygan Press, a 19-year-old Grafton man was charged with first degree sexual assault as well as carrying a concealed weapon after he allegedly threatened to cut a woman with a knife if she didn’t have sex with him at a Plymouth house party last weekend.

Police responded to a call on the night of May 28 from a Plymouth man who said Anthony J. Zingale had threatened to sexually assault his wife at a house party. When they arrived at the house, Zingale immediately put his hands behind his back to be arrested, saying that he was aware he was drunk and underage but that his mom was at the party with him.

The victim told police she was using the bathroom when Zingale walked in “fully exposed from the waist down” and held a knife against her neck. He then said he would cut her if she didn’t have sex with him. The woman said she was able to get Zingale to pull the knife away and leave the bathroom only after she told them they should go to the bedroom instead of doing it in the crapper. Once he was out of the bathroom, she screamed, and other partygoers came to her aid.

Zingale had a different version of what happened, telling officers he had to go to the bathroom “badly,” so he dropped his drawers. He added that it was the woman and not him who grabbed at the knife he had brought into the restroom.

His mugshot should tell which story deputies from the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department believed:

For everybody’s sake, it was a good thing Zingale was arrested by deputies working for Sheboygan County instead of the crew working to the north in Manitowoc County, as odds are they would have planted evidence to pin somebody else for Zingale’s actions.

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