This Dutch Gal Spends Her Time Traveling And Getting Naked

Photo: Instagram/A.Naked.Girl

I don’t travel because I’m broke and I hate flying, but I commend those who take the next step into traveling as much as they can. I also commend them if they decide to go about their adventures while naked. You know, as some folks do — and that’s why we once talked about the “Get Naked Worldwide” Instagram, so all of you could see various gals who travel…and get naked. And now let’s talk about one gal named Sterre doing just that.

Sterre currently has over 80k followers on her Instagram, which features tons of photos of her bare butt in various locations. But what is the purpose of all this? According to the 21-year-old it is to destigmatize nudity. And hey, we’re all about that.

“Being naked still makes other people uncomfortable,” she told the Daily Mail. “It is really a shame that not everyone can see the pleasure of being naked in a non-sexual way.”

We also agree with that. And we’re all about Sterre and her hot photos. So take a minute to check out her hottest photos below thanks to her Instagram.

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