The Best of Facebook Pranks!

Have you ever accidently stepped out of the room and left your computer open, only to discover that someone has updated your Facebook status to include molesting horses? Yeah, that’s called being “fraped.”  

Look to your right. Now look to your left. One of these people will be fraped.

But for these puposes, we’ll just call it being “Facebook pranked,” lest we mix “rape” too liberally.  

But it does happen, and it’s never pretty. So we here at CRAVE believe it is our civic duty to show you the best of Facebook pranks as a warning so you never let it happen to you. But it’s still pretty funny when it happens to other people.

Take a look:


There is nothing funnier than a person who wants to punch through a computer. 


This is why hot sauce on three meals a day is a bad idea. 


This is either a prank or the dumbest person on Facebook. 


Wow. Just wow. 


You just ruined this guy’s day. 


It takes a lot to say what everyone thinks. 


This is even funnier if you imagine he has pubes like Seth Rogan’s hair. 


Shakespeare himself could not write a comedy so complex. 


We, however, do not. 


They get really mad when you do that. Trust us. 


Our hats off to you Krystina!