10 Reasons Why ‘Breaking Bad’ Is the Funniest Show on Television

Last night, AMC’s Emmy-hoarding hit, “Breaking Bad” wrapped up its fourth season with an unforgettable finale that reminded us once again why it is one of the best dramas on television.

But if you think that “Breaking Bad” is all Mexican drug cartel shootouts, eleven year-old hitmen, air traffic tragedies and Danny Trejo’s severed head on a tortoise, you’ve got it wrong, yo! Vince Gilligan’s tale of chemistry teacher turned Meth chef, Walter White is chock full of yucks. Here’s ten of our favorite LOL-worthy moments straight outta ABQ, b*tch!

Badger Uses the Force 


When Skyler sells Walter’s forty-seven thousand dollar vacuum cleaner to a stubborn old lady, he’s forced to enlist Badger and his “Jedi lock picking skills” to retrieve the sucker. Problem is, Badger assumed Walt would have a lock pick stowed up his ass, just like his “Scared Straight” cellmate of three weeks.

Luckily, grandma keeps a key under the doormat, allowing Walt and Badger to get the job done without having to “chlorinate” the elderly woman or set a car on fire.


Pizza of Destiny


Operating under the misguided assumption that showing up with a large pie will make your wife forget the fact that you moonlight as a crystal meth cook known as “Heisenberg,” Walt becomes frustrated when Skyler is not won over by double cheese and a thin crust. Not even the dipping sticks could sway Skyler, sending Walt into a pizza-hurling rage, taking the phrase “pie in the sky” to a whole new level.

On a side note, Bryan Cranston told me he managed this incredible feat in one take, proving that Walter White isn’t just a master of chemistry, but a master of physics, as well.


Marie’s Crowning Moment


What’s worse than a kleptomaniac? A kleptomaniac with bad taste. With Skyler’s baby shower coming up, five-finger discount fan Marie decides to boost a baby tiara for the occasion. When she learns that the gaudy infant accessory is stolen, a shocked Skyler confronts her thieving sis.

But that’s nothing. Just wait till she finds out her husband cooks crystal meth out in the desert in his underwear.


Walt in his Tighty Whities


There’s no question regarding whether or not Walter White is a briefs or boxers man. It’s quite remarkable the number of times we’ve had the pleasure of seeing Walt in his skivvies, out in the desert as assorted feds and thugs attempt to “get their Hanes” on him.

Since Walt’s moved up in the meth game, he’s traded his Fruit of the Loom-look for a Hazmat suit. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t make Walter White Underoos.


The Chemistry of Karaoke


Let us honor the late Gale Boetticher; vegan, libertarian, meth lab assistant and karaoke prodigy. While Gale may no longer be with us, he not only left his mark on the world through his love of chemistry and a great cup of coffee, but also in an inspired karaoke performance of “Major Tom.”

When Hank plays the video, complete with public access level green screen effects and Thai subtitles, Walt looks terrified. We’ll never know if it’s the heat from Hank or the atonal vocals from Gale that’s got him so spooked.


“Look on the Bright Side”


There’s a reason Walter White isn’t a guidance counselor. When forced to address a gym full of grieving students about the horrific Wayfarer 515 plane crash, the man of science starts spouting statistics instead of words of comfort. Everyone becomes increasingly uncomfortable, including his own son, as Walt pointedly explains that “a 747 is much bigger than a 737.”

And while there’s nothing funny about the tragedy, you can’t help but laugh at Walt’s awkwardly inappropriate attempt to “look on the bright side.” After all, it’s only “the 50th worst air disaster of all time.”


“Better Call Saul!”


Saul Goodman isn’t your average ambulance chaser. He’s a criminal mastermind with a law degree. Only a legal genius could concoct a scheme to use lazer tag to launder money. But would you expect anything less from a man whose office wallpaper is the United States Constitution?

There’s no legal loop hole Saul can’t wiggle through for his criminally-inclined clientele. Yup, there’s no problem Saul and his connections can’t solve, except maybe Huell’s indigestion. 


Not Exactly a Dream Machine…


Poor Walt Jr. He’s got the best dad ever…and perhaps, the worst mom. Walt Sr. buys his son a cherry red Dodge Challenger, only to have Skyler insist he take the flashy muscle car back. However, she promises Walt Jr. she’ll replace it with a “sensible used car.”

I’m not sure there’s anything “sensible” about an eggplant purple PT Cruiser, especially when the kid driving it is a sixteen-year old. But hey, it’ll be great on gas, since Walt Jr.’s probably too embarrassed to drive it anywhere.


“The Eye of the Tiger”


With Gustavo Fring in his crosshairs, Hank and Walt head to “Los Pollos Hermanos” to retrieve the tracking bug on the drug kingpin’s car. While Walt sweats it out, Hank tries to pump him up with an a cappella take on the Rocky classic, “Eye of the Tiger,” complete with beatboxing.

Unfortunately for Walt, the only thing more criminal than Marie’s shoplifting is Hank’s singing. Really, it should be illegal.


Jesse Gets Full of Himself


Left alone and bored in an industrial-grade meth lab can make a guy a little stir crazy. Who can blame Jesse for having a some fun with a rolling chair and an air pump?

Apparently, Gus can. He sends Victor down to let a chagrined (and inflated) Jesse know the party’s over, literally bursting his bubble. 

That’s all for this list, but “Breaking Bad” will be back next year for one final season of comedy. Share your favorite comedic moments from “Breaking Bad” in the comment section below!