food delivery robot
Self-driving delivery robot concept. 3D illustration

Food Delivery Robot Forces Its Way Through Crime Scene (Someone Teach This Thing Some Manners!)

You can teach a robot many things, but we’re not sure you can teach it manners. Just take, for example, a food delivery robot that recently forced its way through a crime scene in Los Angeles, California, with no regard for the authorities.

Naturally, a video of the shameless little law-breaker went viral.

In the vid, the ambitious robot was cruising down a bustling crosswalk. It slowed when it came upon an intersection just ahead of a crime scene. As a group of camera people watched, the robot paused when confronted with the classic yellow crime scene tape. Someone lifted the tape for the robot, and it continued on its merry way, oblivious to any obstruction of justice it might be causing. Then it casually rolled by a huge group of uniformed Los Angeles police officers and at least one cruiser with its lights flashing.

Next to the robot’s refusal to reverse course, what’s most amazing about the video is how everyone just politely moved aside and/or assisted the robot in its quest. God forbid anyone stop the bot from delivering some unknown person’s calzone!

Then again, given the current cultural climate, more people are probably on the side of the robot than that of the cops. As one Twitter user put it, “That little robot just accomplished more for society than all 20 of those cops combined.”

Go on with your bad self, bot. Just try saying, “excuse me” next time.

Cover Photo: sarawuth702 (Getty Images)