Face of a 12 year old mixed race boy, part black, Asian and Hispanic, enjoying an ear of corn at a July 4th or Memorial Day picnic. He is smiling at the camera.

Kid Who Really Loves Corn Inspires Viral TikTok Song (Lend Us Your Ears)

People are frequently willing to sing the praises of their favorite food. But perhaps never before has an example of someone fanboying over their preferred eats gone so viral – or been so adorable. Recently, the social media show Recess Therapy, during which host Julian Shapiro-Barnum interviews kids ages 2 to 9 years old, talked to a young man who is crazy about corn. In fact, the little boy was gnawing on a cob during the interview.

“For me, I really like corn,” the little dude said in the now-viral video. “When I tried it with butter, everything changed! I love corn. Mmm, corn.”

Shapiro-Barnum asked what other things “Corn Kid” liked. The list included hide-and-seek, tag, and never lava monster. But then the boy added, “Yeah, mostly corn.”

He held up the cob he was currently chowing down on.

“I mean look at this thing,“ he said. “I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing.”


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“I hope you guys have a corn-tastic day!” the little guy concluded the interview. When that provoked a laugh from the adult accompanying the child to the interview, he remarked, “What?! It’s just a pun about corn!”

The internet was instantly enamored with the boy (whose real name was later revealed to be Tariq) and flooded the post with comments. But a member of the musical group called the Gregory Brothers took things one step further and created a whole song inspired by the tyke titled “Corn but it becomes a song and unites world.” Now that video has gone viral.

@schmoyoho intro song for any meal/snack with corn – from iconic interview on @doingthings ♬ Corn but it becomes a song and unites world – schmoyoho

Lend us your ears, corn lovers!

Cover Photo: kali9 (Getty Images)