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Meanwhile in Brooklyn: An Opossum Walks Into a Bar (No, Really)

Photo: Instagram / @sarakalee

A mushroom walks into a bar. The bartender says, “You can’t come in here.” The mushroom replies, “Why not? I’m a fungi.” There are endless variations of this classic joke. Someone or something walks into a bar. Hilarity ensues. And while we’ve all heard 100 different versions of the joke, we’ve rarely seen it play out in real life. That is unless you live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

That’s because an Alaskan native named Sara Fulton was hanging out in Temkin’s Bar when a not-so-friendly critter decided to make an appearance. She and her friends were outside when they saw the furry friend making its way into the establishment. The critter in question was an opossum. You know, those hideously ugly, strange things that sometimes hang out in trees or stand motionless in the creepiest way possible.


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Obviously, this caused the whole bar to go into a panic similar to when the bat began to fly around Dunder Mifflin on a memorable episode of The Office. And just like Dwight Schrute springing into action, Fulton heeded the call of duty.

Instead of running as far as possible from the creature, Fulton decided to act like a forest bouncer and remove the opossum from the establishment herself. Being an outdoorsy Alaskan, she didn’t think anything of grabbing the varmint by its scruff and removing it from the bar.

Luckily, someone was smart enough to turn on their smartphone’s camera and record the whole ordeal. Nobody would believe it if it wasn’t filmed, right? In the now-viral video, Fulton (who resides in Brooklyn) can be seen taking the animal outside, so it doesn’t run amuck in the bar. Unsurprisingly, she received a few free drinks because of her heroic act.