Baby Elephant Stealing Air Mattress Easily the Best Thing You’ll See Today

Photo: Anup Shah (Getty Images)

When it comes to the pantheon of internet videos, it’s really difficult to beat the hilarity and cute factor of animals getting into mischief. This is especially true when it comes to baby animals. We’ll spend hours scrolling through, and wildly giggling as we watch, video clips of kittens pouncing on their owners’ faces, puppies falling off of things, baby bears wrestling, goats jumping off of cars, and baby ducks crossing the road. But there’s one baby animal that entertains and delights us more than most: baby elephants.

We especially love videos of baby elephants who are being mischievous, goofy, and up to no good. That’s why we love the now trending clip that was tweeted out by Indian Forest Service Officer Dr. Samrat Gowda. The video starts innocently enough with the baby elephant trying to get out of an enclosure. We don’t know why it wants to get out so badly until it finally gets out.

That’s when we see a man lying on an air mattress just outside of the enclosure. Obviously, this air mattress looks much comfier than the dirt below. Who wouldn’t want to lie down on it on a hot, hazy afternoon? That’s why the baby elephant begins to nudge the man in an effort to get him off the mattress so it can lay down. It also tried to kick him to get him off, but he doesn’t move.

In the clip caption “Hey! That’s my bed..get..up,” we see the elephant clumsily lunging at a pile of bananas and seeming to almost fall down before we finally see it lying down on the mattress with the man (likely another Forest Service Officer) draped over it. It’s a cute ending to a funny, adorable baby elephant video and it’s the kind of thing we need to watch at least once a day.