The Ted Cruz Self-Care Guide to Hairdos That Make All the Panties Hit the Floor

You might not know it from his face, but Ted Cruz is a looker. Ignore the fact that he appears to be storing bagel bites in his cheeks at all times or the rumor that his mouth may have been special-ordered from Suckhole Aficionados Weekly. Ted brings all the beavers to the yard. Because undoubtedly, even though he constantly looks like he’s thinking about how hotdogs are made, there’s something about him that’s irresistible.

Bingo: His hairdo.

From the wavy side part to the slightly less wavy side part, Cruz has been winning the hair game since he took office in 2012. Seriously, the man has never had a bad hair day in his life. But those luscious locks don’t style themselves. It takes a rigorous lifestyle routine to perform hair magic like this.

Luckily, we have all the forbidden secrets of Ted’s personal hair care regimen right here. But before we run our fingers through this one, you better get the broom out cuz panties are about to drop.

Cover Photo: Alex Wroblewski (Getty Images)


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