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Handsome British man walks through fair market with street food in hand and a big smile. He is wearing a leather jacket an long wavy hair. Photographed in London, UK.

Six Flags Ends Unlimited Food Pass Because There’s Always 1 Clever A-Hole Who Has to Ruin It For the Rest of Us

Photo: NicolasMcComber (Getty Images)

Whenever there’s something that feels too good to be true, it usually is. But sometimes it actually isn’t too good to be true. That is, unless one person ruins it for everyone else. That’s exactly what happened with the Six Flags’ $150 annual dining pass. A great value for amusement park goers who don’t want to have to spend a ridiculous sum fueling their bodies to take on yet another looping, gargantuan rollercoaster was ruined by a man who spent years eating all of his meals at his local Six Flags.

His name is Dylan and, last October, MEL Magazine wrote a story about how the Southern California-based electrical engineer ate every meal at Six Flags for seven years using its $150 annual Dining Pass. Obviously, being featured in a magazine article made him go viral and his lowkey abuse of the system was forced into the foreground. He was even featured in a segment on The Daily Show. This obviously didn’t sit well with the folks at Six Flags.

Since then, and likely due to the focus on Dylan, Six Flags has changed its meal plans and discontinued its $150 annual dining pass in the new year. Its website now lists various passes and benefits and there’s no mention of the too-good-to-be-true meal plan. The closest to the former meal plan is a $329.999 parks package that gets gusts a “10 Meal Dining Plan.”

So, it’s safe to say the worst thing you can do when you’re beating the system is to mention it to anyone. Just keep it to yourself and enjoy all the fried foods, burgers, and fries you can ingest for a pretty low price.


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