Guy Falls Off Ferris Wheel Trying To Rescue Two Kids

Photo: ngkak (Getty)

Can we go on any ride these days? It seems they are all falling apart. Hell, a girl fell off a ride at Six Flags in New York and somehow survived. But now we have to talk about a fair ride in North Carolina.

Two kids were left trapped on a Ferris wheel at the Central Carolina Fair in Greensboro fair when their carriage tilted and malfunctioned. The ride was temporarily shut down while an employee climbed the wheel in order to help the trapped kids. Well let’s just say that the situation became worst when the employee fell off the wheel.

Witness Brittney Smith was able to film the incident and share it on Facebook. Check out the tense moment below as the man slips and falls at the 1:29 mark.

Guy Falls Off Ferris Wheel Trying To Rescue Two Kids

According to Smith the man who fell only suffered some minor injuries.

“Everyone was OK for the most part. I think maybe the little boys probably suffered from shock,” Smith told ABC News. “They were pretty shaken.”

The lucky employee was treated at a hospital and released. Here’s what Central Carolina Fair spokesman Andrew Brown had to say.

“We are waiting on the report from state officials with other details. The worker was attempting to adjust that carriage so the wheel could be safely rotated to unload all the passengers safely.”

Here’s a closer look at the fall thanks to the NY Post.

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