Meanwhile in LA: It’s Getting Fast and Furious at Night With Series of Street Racing Takeovers

Just like the Fast & Furious franchise, street racing takeovers are never as cool as they sound: Half-baked action, subpar cast, run-of-the-mill car stunts, and non-existent plot lines that lead to incomplete resolutions. But folks are so bored with modern life, they happily gather around intersections to watch amateur drivers in shitty cars do donuts. (Because standing in the path of a reckless driver is a f*cking great idea.)

For those in need of a quick tutorial, get up to speed with this tasty video compilation:

Sure, it beats doing your taxes. But the recent rise in street racing takeovers gripping the City of Angels has led to traffic jams, an increase in techno music, and at least three dropped hotdogs. What’s more, during the latest takeover in South LA, a dude brandished a firearm while hanging out the passenger side of his best friend’s ride. (Clearly mad about being a scrub.)

In fact, there’ve been so many street takeovers in La La Land lately, LAPD is shrugging its shoulders in resignation. And who can blame them? After all, right now the highest penalty for street racing is having your vehicle impounded for 30 days and no Vin Diesel movies for a week.

But all that’s about to change (sort of). A new law allowing courts to suspend the driver’s license of busted street racers goes into effect in 2025. So the denizens of LA only have three more years of donuts (not the good kind) before things downshift from fast and furious to steady and slightly irritated.

In the meantime, enjoy LA’s latest takeover while the engine’s still running:

Cover Photo: YouTube