Watch Tesla Stunt Go Horribly Awry (Or Really Well If Teslas Are Meant to Fly)

Tesla’s are famous for being chock full of space-age features. (What other car can self-park, fart on command, and keep your dog cool when you run into the weed shop to stock up on blunts?) So it stands to reason that a group of young scientists douchebags in LA figured the Model S could fly during a Tesla stunt gone wrong. And while it came surprisingly close in the viral video below, it very much crashed back down to earth like a sloppy joe fired skyward from a cannon.

Baxter Street is known for being the steepest hill in LA, with a nerve-racking 33 percent grade on either side of a two-lane summit. An infamous destination for thrill-seekers, this was the spot where a horde of internet clout seekers gathered at midnight to witness Tesla’s first flight.

As a peanut gallery of bored dudes recorded the moment, the rented 2018 Model S floored it up the incline with a stolen cat in the trunk. (True story.) With Ludicrous mode engaged, the car caught major air at the stop sign before crashing into two parked cars and coming to a stop in the ass-end of a Toyota.

Although the Tesla stunt was a failure (of humankind), at least we’ve learned the Model S has great safety features. Because after the impact, the Tesla’s occupants hopped unharmed into a waiting car to decamp to Jollibee’s for a post-crash bucket of fried chicken.

Despite the video being watched millions of times, the driver is still at large, though some TikTokers have ingeniously claimed credit. With LAPD on the case, it’s only a matter of time before the real driver is brought to justice. And when they are, we hope Elon Musk gets them a seat on the next SpaceX launch. We hear Mars is dangerously low on douchebags.

Cover Photo: YouTube


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