Tesla Hacker Creates Honda X Tesla Franken-Hybrid

Photo: Jimmy Built (YouTube)

Have you heard of Teslonda? It is an interesting Tesla and Honda hybrid created by YouTube user Jimmy Built that can go from 0 to 60 in 2.7 seconds. For his creation, Jimmy used a custom control system made by a company called HSR Motors and the famous Tesla-hacker Jason Hughes. HSR Motors specializes in repairing, recycling, and re-purposing electric vehicles, offering countless enthusiasts all over the world a chance to create new and exciting contraptions. The video below shows one of these Franken-hybrids in action.

One of the first thing you notice in this video is the fact that the vehicle is slightly lifted to make room for the Chevy Volt battery pack and salvaged parts of Tesla Models S and X. At the top is the body of vintage Honda Accord making this creation of combination of the both — thus Teslonda. As the video starts, besides the peculiar look of the car, you’ll notice another attention-grabbing feature. Since it’s an electric vehicle, it doesn’t make the usual engine noises but actually sounds like a huge RC car, especially with those screeching tires.

Now, although going from 0 to 60 in just 2.7 isn’t a bad time at all, the car maker says that it could go even faster. According to his predictions, the Tesla hybrid vehicle can reach the 2.5 mark under right conditions. Some of the elements that hindered it from reaching its full potential were the temperature of the asphalt (just 38 degrees), cold tires, and a cold battery. If he could improve these elements, Teslonda would certainly reach 2.5 or go even faster. He claims that he will make longer and more extensive experiments in his future videos, so you might want to subscribe to his channel.

How do you feel about this amazing Tesla hybrid? Would you take it out for a test drive?