Will Work For Food: Watch Brown Bear Hilariously Wave in Exchange For White Bread

Bears love food. It’s why you have to rig a convoluted contraption to keep eats away from the furry animals when you go camping. It’s also why we see increasingly more bear sightings in rural, suburban, and even urban communities – because the mammals get hungry and start venturing out of the forest to find something to chow down on.

Normally, though, an encounter with a famished bear is a terrifying thing. Not so for one woman in Washington state who documented a run-in with a brown bear.

In a now-viral video, a massive bear is seen sitting on the grass in a nature setting, kind of in a Teddy bear-style pose.

The woman tosses a piece of white bread at the bear. He picks it up and wolfs it down in about two bites.

“Good bear. I really want to hug you,” the woman can be heard saying off-camera.

Then the bear does something surprising – he waves at the woman!

Is he showing her a little gratitude for the unexpected carbs? Or is he asking for more? We don’t know, but if you see a bear out in the wild and decide to share your bread with it, make sure you at least slather on some peanut butter and jelly first. It’s the least you can do.

Cover Photo: New York Post



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