Meanwhile in Australia: Politician Makes Interesting Choice to Combat Vandalism on Campaign Posters


If you’re in the public eye in any capacity, there’s a pretty good chance someone is going to make fun of you on Twitter or another form of social media. If you’re a politician (or someone with political aspirations), injury attorney, or someone else prominent, you might have something else besides a social media account that draws pranksters and people who want to poke fun at you. That’s because these individuals tend to have billboards and bus stop posters proudly featuring their faces. And, if we know anything about waiting for a bus, in particular, it’s pretty boring. Nothing makes the time fly by like drawing fake mustaches, eyebrows, and other hilarious things on posters of people’s faces.

That’s exactly what happened recently in Australia. That’s where the Green party candidate for the South Australia seat of Unley, Georgie Hart had a very humorous, down-to-earth, unexpected response to people vandalizing her campaign posters.

Back on March 13, she noticed that someone had drawn a uni-brow, a curly mustache, a goatee, and a dangling cigarette from her mouth in Sharpie on one of her posters. Instead of taking ignoring it or taking a tone-deaf angry approach, she decided to double down and prank the pranksters.


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She posted a video of herself to her Instagram account where she had added the rude changes to her face in black marker. That’s not all, the pranksters changed her name from Georgie Hart to Georgie Fart. That’s why it was even funnier that in the post she said, “Hi, I’m Georgie Fart and I’m here to talk about ’natural’ gas. Not that type of ‘natural’ gas.”

Instead of being a bummer about her poster being defaced, she used it to promote her plan to transition from fossil fuels to natural gas. While we have no idea what her chances are of winning, he’s the kind of politician we’d vote for. At least we know she has a sense of humor and isn’t a robot-like many of our politicians.