Water Buffalo

Meanwhile In California: Low-Speed Water Buffalo Chase With Fresno Police Is Our Preferred Speed of Pursuit in 2022

The California Highway Patrol recently went on a different type of chase, a low-speed pursuit of a wayward Water Buffalo who was merely seeking a better life. Apparently, the Fresno Buffalo in question was able to squeeze through a fence opening, which led him to wander down the road as he got his first taste of freedom. If anything, this low-speed water buffalo chase is our preferred speed of pursuit in 2022. 

Dan Villanueva, a Fresno resident who lives up the street from where the water buffalo escaped, first noticed him on the way back from the store. He said, “he was standing there in the road, and I didn’t want anybody to get hit.” After calling authorities and reporting the rogue water buffalo, Villanueva was able to guide the water buffalo to a nearby fenced-in area with the help of a CHP officer. 

While waiting for the buffalo’s owner to arrive, he munched on some grass. Meanwhile, his neighbors, more water buffalo, and cows looked at their new idol in amazement. Villanueva joked, “They’re all, ‘How come you’re out?’”. Eventually, the Buffalo’s owners, who naturally raise livestock, arrived to take our wayward protagonist back home.

The Buffalo complied, peacefully walking back to his 20-acre enclosure. Before entering back in, the Buffalo stopped to take one last look at freedom before entering the pearly gates with no remorse.

Cover Photo: Frseno Bee


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