Ford to Announce New Bronco on OJ’s Birthday, Tempting Everyone With a 26th Anniversary Pursuit

Twenty-six years ago, on June 17, 1994, something was happening on California’s 405 freeway. Retired NFL player, actor, and NFL broadcaster O.J. Simpson was in a low-speed chase with police for over two hours. His friend and former teammate Al Cowlings was behind the wheel of a white Ford Bronco. People all over the country watched the chase on live TV.

But, despite everything that happened with O.J.’s arrest and trial afterward, the thing we all remember most from that night is the white Ford Bronco. Obviously, it would be in Ford’s best interest to remove themselves from that moment of history as much as possible. That’s why we found it so strange when we heard that the car company would be launching its new Bronco on July 9.

You’re probably wondering what that date and the Bronco chase have in common, right? Well, obviously nobody did any research because July 9 is O.J. Simpson’s birthday. Ford inadvertently decided to give O.J. a new Bronco for his birthday.

We’re not sure who figured this out, but according to many news sources, Ford is aware of the important date. They’re still planning to reveal the new Bronco on that date and reps say that the two events occurring on the same day are just a coincidence. While it would be pretty strange for Ford to drop a new Bronco to celebrate O.J.’s 73rd birthday on purpose, they do owe that vehicle’s notoriety entirely to him. Maybe the date choice isn’t so strange after all.

Photo: Jean-Marc Giboux (Getty Images)

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