Mandatory Debate: Should Dads Buy Their Sons Kitchen Sets For Christmas? (The Internet Has Opinions)

There’s a gender war raging on social media, and it’s all about whether or not fathers should “allow” their young sons to use play kitchen sets.

It’s hard to believe we’re seriously debating this in the year 2021, when many recognize gender itself as a construct, but apparently, parents have strong feelings about whether or not little boys have any business behind an imaginary stove.

Check out this Instagram post for the backstory on the bruhaha:


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“fellas is it gay to cook,” the poster asks the internet.

First off, let’s get rid of labeling anything effeminate as “gay,” lest we confuse gender expression with sexual identity. Next, what in the holy hell is the problem with a little boy pretending to whip up an imaginary meal? Boys, girls, men, women, and everyone in between needs to eat, right?

And assuming you don’t live with your mama your entire life (or shack up with a culinary-minded woman immediately upon moving out of your parents’ house), at some point, you’re going to need to know how to prepare some food, even if it is just scrambled eggs or buttered noodles.

Ah, but idiots run rampant on the interwebs. In the above Instagram, the poster reposted some dimwit’s comment stating, “DO NOT buy your son a kitchen set for Christmas get him a tool set don’t put the wrong ideals in ya son head at an early age!!!!”

(Sir, we hope someone gets you grammar lessons for Christmas because that caption is an affront to the English language.)

But we digress. Plenty of “woke” men chimed in to support boys learning how to cook…if only because it helps them get laid. (Classy, gentlemen, real classy.)

“Don’t think I’ve ever had a chick say no to coming back for a 2am home cooked meal,” one such dude commented.

“You know how much Pussy I get Becuz I’m mediocre at cooking!? I’ve boned over 3 bitches in my day,” another bro in need of remedial writing lessons wrote.

“seems like women get a bit more enthusiastic to tear my clothes off after i make them food, but i’m also secure in my masculinity so maybe that’s this guy’s problem,” a third guy who totally missed the point contributed to the convo.

How about encouraging every kid to cook, not because it gains them access to someone else’s genitals but because food prep is pleasurable, relaxing, fun, and delicious, no matter what your gender identity?

Maybe that’s asking too much of humanity. We’ll be over here banging our heads against the keyboard until the species evolves…

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