Meanwhile in Pennsylvania: Wild Video Shows School Bus Plunging Into Icy River, Still Beats Class

Remember the days when you procrastinated your school project only to scramble last minute with some hair-brain scheme your teacher could see right through? It was on those days you prayed for a miracle that never came, some divine intervention to save you the disapproving glares of your teachers and parents.

Well, that day came for 29 “lucky” students.

In the early morning, just north of Philadelphia, a school bus full of middle schoolers caught an icy break that sent them sailing through the guardrail and landing smack dab in the middle of an icy creek. The bus driver lost control of the vehicle after overcorrecting on a bump. Officials say the driver who has been with the school district for years, will undergo the standard drug and alcohol tests (good luck, buddy) to determine whether the accident was caused by residual intoxication or just classic post-Covid rusty driving.

Watch the dashcam video from the vehicle directly behind the bus below (no, it’s not just you, this driver is hauling ass).

By the time rescue teams arrived, all students had already exited the school bus and were cooling their heels down on the riverbank. It was truly a stroke of good fortune, the perfect get-out-of-jail-free card for procrastinators everywhere, sparking rumors that the driver might’ve been paid off to run off the road with a pocketful of lunch money.

Thankfully, no serious injuries were reported. Some kids have all the luck.

Cover Photo: Facebook