A man clutches his genitals through his clothes in a vulgar display.

Attention Compulsive Masturbators: Death-Grip Syndrome Is a No-Joke Penis Problem (OK, It’s a Little Funny)

Ever since you were a little boy, you were told masturbation was bad for you. Some of the myths you might have heard include that it could make you go blind or make your dick fall off. While neither of those things is true, there is a side effect of self-pleasure that could alter the way your penis works. It’s called Death Grip Syndrome.

Because of the way you stroke your member while whacking off, your mickey can become desensitized, resulting in erectile dysfunction and anorgasmia (an inability to orgasm). These maladies affect at least 60 percent of enthusiastic masturbators. The biggest bummer, however, is that it’s not just you who’s affected; when you can’t perform or can’t finish, your partner is bound to be disappointed.

But Death Grip Syndrome doesn’t have to be a death rattle for your sex life. The solution is surprisingly simple: loosen your hold. Act as if your hand is not a vise but an orifice and masturbate gently. It will take some getting used to at first, but the payoff will come (ahem) when you’re able to pleasure yourself and your partner during old-fashioned penetrative sex.

Cover Photo: RapidEye (Getty Images)



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