Waffles the Yorkie via TikTok

Meanwhile On TikTok: Waffles the Yorkie Will Melt Your Puppy-Loving Heart, Right Before Calling You an Asshole

It’s common knowledge that anything or one that can be labeled cute also gets a pass for any unsavory behavior. Kind of like your ex-girlfriend Clarissa, you know? Unlike Clarissa, cute dogs can get away with everything short of murder and even that is up for debate. Take, for example, this TikTok video of Waffles the Yorkie.

Like every good boy, Waffles is adorable, but Waffles also has range. That’s because he’s trained to communicate using pressable buttons. Insert palpable sigh here. But here’s the thing, Waffles goes hard on the IDGAF space.

That’s because he obviously uses the buttons to communicate his immediate needs like food, water, and a visit to the dog park. However, he also uses it to demand a dog’s most important need of all… treats. And when Waffles doesn’t get treats when he asks, well…demands, he lets his owner have it.

@wafflestheyorkiePutting his new buttons to good use. He did NOT get another treat! #funnydog #talkingdogs #dogtalking #petsontiktok♬ I’m So Hungry – Karter Zaher

Now here’s the part that’s most confusing, who exactly gives their dog the option of calling them an asshole? An asshole, that’s who. No wonder Waffles presses that exact button with ease.

Cover Photo: via @waffletheyorkie on TikTok



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