Dennis Quaid Claims 39-Year Age Difference With New Wife ‘Just Doesn’t Come Up,’ At Least Not to His Face

May-December romances are nothing new, especially in Hollywood. But Dennis Quaid and his new bride Laura Savoie have taken the older man-younger woman trope to a whole ‘nother level. In short, he’s 66 years old; she’s 27. Let that 39-year age difference sink in for a minute. This isn’t just a decade or two of lived experience between them. He’s old enough to not only be her father, but her grandfather. To put it generationally, he’s a Boomer and she’s a millennial.

But who are we to judge? (We’re totally judging.) With a divorce rate as high as 50 percent, the marriage has plenty of opportunities to fail for reasons that have nothing to do with the fact that a decade ago, it wouldn’t have even been legal for these two to wed to in most states.

Quaid claims it was “love at first sight” (no word on if she concurs). Apparently, they bonded over their Christian faith. The pair eloped on the down-low last month at a Santa Barbara resort. It is Quaid’s (wait for it) fourth marriage.

In an interview with People magazine, Quaid said the massive age difference “really just doesn’t come up. There’s just something timeless about us. We’re partners in our relationship and in life.”

We suppose…? Though how long Quaid has to live is surely on the Mrs.’ mind, even if she doesn’t speak of it out loud. Another thing that probably doesn’t come up? His net worth. But trust us, she knows. She’s pursuing her Ph.D. in accounting, after all.

Cover Photo: Marco Garcia / Stringer (Getty Images)

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