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Hollywood Heroes: The 10 Most Impressive Stunt Performers In Film History

Stunt performers are literally the hardest working men and women in showbiz when it comes to action sequences in Hollywood’s most incredible, heart-thumping films. Barely known to the common public, these unsung heroes of the big screen consistently risk life and limb (as well as other body parts) jumping off skyscrapers, racing 100 miles per hour on motorcycles through crowded city streets, and running from aliens’ laser-guided missiles in order to keep the blockbuster money-making machine churning. If it weren’t for stunt men and women, action films would consist of Tom Cruise lightly jogging on a treadmill while a puppy licks an ice cream cone. So, we think it’s time to honor the men and women who have provided that edge-of-your-seat action for so many years with this collection of GIFs.

Photo: Touchstone Pictures (Getty Images)

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