Matthew McConaughey

This Video Of Matthew McConaughey Saying ‘Alright’ In All His Films Is Freaking Amazing

Photo: Gramercy Pictures

When you think of Matthew McConaughey do you think of his Oscar winning performance in Dallas Buyers Club? Do you think think of his great roles? Of course not. All you think about is him saying, “alright.” Because just like when Owen Wilson says “wow,” McConaughey is always associated with one single word, and someone of course decided to reel in all the times he has said the word in his films.

Owenergy Studios went through all of McConaughey’s films (except his animated ones) and pulled out all the times the 48-year-old has said his go-to word. And let’s just say that the final product is more than just “alright,” it is a work of art. See for yourself below by seeing almost four minutes of alright.

Of course it all kicked off with Dazed and Confused, and ever since then McConaughey has been all about that word. And hey, we’re huge fans of it, too. Although every McConaughey impression now starts off with, “Alright, alright, alright.” That said, we’ll take the original man behind the saying every damn time without hesitation.

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