Bums the Word: YouPorn App Keeps Your Dirty Little Secret Hidden

Photo: Moore Media (Getty Images)

YouPorn is taking its first swing at the adult app game, and they promise they won’t tell anyone your dirty little secret. The porn site is part of the latest push in unconventional apps yet stands apart with its super discreet style to make it hard, so to speak, for anyone snooping on your phone.

The app is supposedly more efficient than the website itself, but we won’t know until we try (or you could just tell us). The company said you’ll enjoy 50 percent quicker load times, which potentially means a lot more loads than expected (that’s what we said).

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“Not only will users gain quicker and more convenient access, but most importantly, [they] are given an even more secure and private way to explore content using open technologies without needing platform specific app marketplaces or cumbersome side-loading certificates which could make one’s devices less secure,” said YouPorn Vice President, Charlie Hughes.

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You can run this app on an iPhone or Android, but don’t bother looking in the typical app stores for it. Since it’s porn-related, they won’t carry the app in those places. Instead, you’ll have to use your web browser, but you already knew that, didn’t you?

Best of all, you won’t have to constantly check for updates on the app. Those will come automatically, like when…well, you get the picture.