The Motorola Razr is Making a Comeback and It’ll Only Cost You $1,500

Photo: PhotoAlto/Sigrid Olsson (Getty Images)

If you’re old enough to have had a Motorola Razr, you recall this being the hottest phone on the market before iPhones. It was the last of the popular flip phones, and during its time was owned by anyone and everyone who was someone. Because they know we’re all super nostalgic and likely to spend our paychecks on anything, Motorola is bringing back the classic device, this time as a smartphone.

The new Razr won’t flip like its previous model, but it will be capable of bending like a pretzel because it’ll be foldable. The release of the new device is tentatively scheduled for February, but that may change. It’s best not to promise your girlfriend one in time for Valentine’s Day just yet, even if you’re ready to spend the $1,500 it costs to own it.

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If you have a plan through any carrier other than Verizon and want this phone, you’re going to be really disappointed. Motorola made an exclusive partnership with Verizon for the use of this device, meaning you’ll have to have their plan if you want to use one. Apple did something similar with iPhones when they first dropped in 2007, making them exclusive to AT&T and pissing off everyone who didn’t have that carrier.

Initial reports indicate Motorola is planning on releasing 200,000 units in their first distribution. As of now, there’s no telling if that’s too much or too little, but we can imagine there are a lot of older millennials who are about to relive their early 20s and buy these things.

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As of now, the iPhone is still king when it comes to smartphones and there’s no telling when that might change. Perhaps if Motorola develops some sort of levitating Razr capable of using magic to predict weather and bad Tinder dates, then they’ll be the top phone. Here’s hoping.