Public Shaming of Slacking Chinese Employees Offers Motivation to Americans

Photo: BJI / Blue Jean Images (Getty Images)

If you’re like most people, you have a job you absolutely despise and the desire to do anything else is strong. Sometimes your boss hammers you with more work than your patience can handle, and you want nothing more than the clock to read 5 p.m., signaling your liberation for the day. Let’s hope your job is at least better than the one these workers have where their numbers have to be stellar or they have to endure public shaming.

As a way to punish employees who did not meet corporate goals, a Chinese company forced their workers to crawl on their hands and knees in a busy public street. The employees reportedly didn’t meet their year-end targets for production and this led to the suits at this place being douchebags who like to bark orders from their corporate highrises.

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The local police weren’t too happy with the company for pulling this stunt, reportedly bringing the crawl to a stop shortly after it started. This wasn’t before some sellout staffer led these people through the street while he carried the company’s flag. As you can see, he also carries a whole hell of a lot of nerve as the teacher’s pet.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Workers at another company had to endure whippings, drinking urine, and eating cockroaches as punishments for not meeting metrics. If it had been one of these people working there, drinking pee might not be so much a punishment as it would a therapy session.

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Work can be a real pain in the ass, we get it. Hopefully, you’re not working a job that comes to this in order to provide you with some motivation. If you are, maybe it’s time to dust off the old resume so you don’t have to crawl to your next budget meeting.