Australian Brewery Wants To Pay You To Drink Beer And Take Selfies

Photo: Amos Chapple for Getty Images

Do you like to drink beer and take selfies? Also, do you happen to live in Australia or are you planning to move there? Well, Sydney Beer has a job for you. That’s because the Australian brewery is looking to fill a position they are referring to as a “Chief Clock-Off Officer” or a CCOO. While the job listing leaves the job up to interpretation, it’s obvious this position includes imbibing a whole lot of beer.

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Even though the title seems a bit cheeky, this is a real job with a real (negotiable) salary. The gist of the position is to promote “Sydney Time,” a movement in the city similar happy hour in the states. The idea is that the person hired for this position will enjoy beers at bars and pubs throughout the city with friends. But, instead of happy hour being after work, Sydney Time is a movement to leave work early in order to figuratively (and literally) drink up all the city has to offer.

This full-time position’s title is Senior Lead of Culture and Promotions and that person reports directly to the Sydney Brewing Company founders. In addition to partaking in the aforementioned Sydney Time (an idea we should all adopt as soon as possible), the job requirements involve “getting together with friends, enjoying more of Sydney, and having a crisp, cold Sydney Beer.” You’ll also be encouraged to visit as many bars and restaurants as possible (while enjoying beer at each one) in order to fully embrace the movement.

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If this is something that interests you (and how could it not?), your window for applying is quickly closing. Plus, you’ll have to live in the vibrant, exciting city of Sydney in order to work. Sadly, there is no telecommuting for this job. Maybe the idea of Sydney Time will take off and more jobs like this one will exist in the future. What would be better than getting paid to drink beer from the comfort of your home? We’re already doing it. We might as well get paid for it.