son cuts giant penis into lawn
Man mowing lawn in garden with family in background

Scottish Mom Asks Son To Cut Grass (But Not Into A Giant Penis)

Man mowing lawn in garden with family in background. Photo: Westend61 (Getty)

Some 17-year-old boys are told by their mothers to cut the grass, so they go outside and cut a giant dick into the front lawn. Living to tell all of their friends about it on Instagram, however, is a rare bonus.

Christopher MacNeil is one of the lucky souls to somehow pull it off.

According to The Scottish Sun, MacNeil was recently tasked with cutting his mother’s lawn at her Isle of Barra house for the first time in his life. Odds are he won’t be “nagged” by her to do it again anytime soon, though. You could say he didn’t do a very good job, as he left some of the grass standing. The fact that it was in the shape of a giant pork sword probably didn’t help, either.

son cuts giant penis lawn

“He doesn’t usually do that sort of thing because he doesn’t normally cut the grass,” MacNeil’s mom Christina said. “He is the youngest of six boys so they all found it very funny, as I did in the end. He wasn’t punished for it, though.”

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Christopher cited boredom as the main reason behind his lawn o’cock. He added that he thought he didn’t have much of a future when it comes to cutting grass. Although, if you ask us, there is probably a bachelorette party or two who wouldn’t mind having him come out and do his thing before all of the girls arrive.


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