Indiana Man Arrested Cutting Grass On Neighbor’s Property…Drunk

Photo: Frinkiac

I have an aunt who once got a DUI on her bicycle. Until this story came across my desk, I didn’t believe a crazier drunken arrest story (involving cutting grass, no less) existed.

According to IndyStar, a 46-year-old Franklin man was arrested on Saturday. The crime? How about driving while intoxicated on a riding lawn mower for the second time in a month? Police said he jumped on a red lawn mower, drove over to a neighbor’s house, then started cutting his lawn.

man arrested cutting grass drunk

Photo: Johnson County Sheriff’s Department

Unfortunately for Barry Ridge, the neighbor didn’t consider it to be a “pay it forward” deal. Instead, he called police. By the time they caught up with Ridge, he was driving down County Road 100 North. They said his eyes were “glassy,” and his breathalyzer test results came in at .189. That’s more than twice the legal limit in Indiana, if you’re keeping score.

Should have gotten himself a snack instead of cutting grass: Ever Been So Drunk You Broke Into A Home And Cooked Yourself Some Nuggets?

Ridge is riding quite the hot streak when it comes to beers and lawn mowers. Police officers in Marion County found him causing a disturbance in a Kroger parking lot on April 8 before impounding his Huskee lawn mower. Only time will tell if he’ll pull off the hat trick before the calendar hits June. To be honest, it sounds like he’s running out of lawn mowers.