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Even The Squirrels In Florida Are Crazy Warns Misspelled Sign

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It’s pretty much a tossup as to which is funnier, the fact that squirrels in Florida are scratching kids or that an adult can’t spell a basic five-letter word.

According to UPI, the squirrels in one Florida park have become so aggressive, officials have been forced to post signs warning people to avoid making contact. Or “aviod” them, whatever that means.

Five complaints about the super-aggressive rodents were logged with Orange County Parks and Recreation officials. Two of those complaints involved squirrels scratching children on a playground, which was enough for officials to create signs warning those who visit Shadow Bay Park in Orlando to leave the squirrels alone.

An Orange County spokeswoman said the belief is the squirrels became aggressive once people started feeding them. Doreen Overstreet said the squirrels “lose their fear of humans” when they start to see people as a source of food.

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Maybe it’s just us, but the more troubling aspect of the story is somebody with the Orange County Parks and Recreation department went with “aviod” instead of “avoid.” Do you know how hard it was to write this story trying to type “aviod” without spell check doing its thing and changing it to “avoid?”

Well, let’s just say we’ll never get those three minutes back.


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