Young woman taking a picture

10 Awe-Inspiring Photographers To Follow On Instagram

Young woman taking a picture. Photo: Mario Gutiérrez (Getty)

Without inspiration, life would be one endlessly pointless moment after another. Alright, that’s exactly what it is, but there are some pretty spectacular things to break it up, which is why we’re dead set on sharing 10 of our favorite awe-inspiring photographers on Instagram. They’re much more suitable than the animal abuse photos Instagram keeps showing me.

With a quick follow, the best in travel photography, far-off landscapes and the inside of a curling wave can all be in the palm of your hand (it’s better than pleasuring yourself to SFW Facebook photos of your coworkers). Why not geek out on something that can make life indoors or living in a less-than-desirable place a little more bearable? It makes sense. Now enjoy our favorite Instagram artists and handheld photography.

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