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New Study Says 42 Percent Of Women Masturbate To Their Coworkers’ Social Media Pics

Photo: miljko (Getty)

Our guess is that it doubles if they’re working on the latest Channing Tatum film.

According to The Sun, a whopping 42 percent of women flick their beans to pictures of their coworkers that have been uploaded to social media sites. Dudes are pretty much in the same ballpark at 39 percent, but that’s surprising when you consider what they’re showing on Pornhub these days.

Those numbers are the results of a study that was conducted by the crew at, who promised the 2,000 random visitors the study would remain anonymous to “encourage open, honest answers.” About 70 percent of those who responded were aged 18-35, and “the rest were older.” Yeah, let’s hope so.

51 percent of women figured their hornball male coworkers were jerking it to pictures of them, while only 21 percent of men thought their female office mates were getting off to them.

It’s unknown whether the respondents were all pleasuring themselves to pictures of their coworkers while they were still at work and everybody was still in the office or if they just waited until all of the new sexy interns from UCLA went home for the evening.

It’s porn, not “porm.” Americans Are Pretty Terrible When It Comes To Spelling While Searching For Porn


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