No One Knows How A Mummified Monkey Ended Up In A Building Ceiling

Photo: Donyanedomam (Getty Images)

If I’m a construction worker and I’m pulling apart a building, the only thing I want to find is a bag of cash. But since that probably won’t happen, I guess I would have to settle for a mummified monkey. Well, at least the latter is what a bunch of construction workers found recently in a Minneapolis building.

According to UPI, everyone is scratching their head after the construction workers found the monkey while working on a renovation project on the Dayton’s building in downtown. Construction worker Adam Peterson shared the photo on the Old Minneapolis’ Facebook, where it went viral.

Here’s a closer look:

Photo: Facebook/Old Minneapolis

“We continue to find pieces of history in the Dayton’s Project as we redevelop the building,” Cailin Rogers, a spokeswoman for the $200 million renovation project said to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.  “Unfortunately, this was one of the recent historic discoveries. We don’t know the origin or story behind this find, but we have been working with local museums to learn more and to find homes for artifacts like this.”

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While no one ones exactly how this poor monkey found himself in Minnesota, Mayor Regan Murphy has one possible explanation:

“My dad once stole a monkey from a Dayton’s display back in the ’60s. He and his buddy Tom skipped school and took a bus downtown, and saw the monkey in a cage or some kind of display.”

According to Murphy, his father and Tom realized they couldn’t take care of the monkey so they released it on the escalator at Dayton’s.

Some other folks on Facebook had some explanations:

Our theory? This thing came to life at a museum during sundown and escaped. Has a movie like that been made?

How do you think that monkey got there?