Just A Monkey Grabbing A Tourist’s Bare Boob

Photo: f9photos (Getty)

You really never know what you’re going to get when you encounter a monkey in a foreign country. I mean, I’ve seen clips of a monkey dropkicking a tourist after the dude gave him the finger as well as a monkey running around on a roof with a knife.

And now I’ve seen a video of a monkey playing with a tourist’s jugs.

According to the Daily Star, a married couple recently went for a hike through the Sacred Monkey Forest in Bali, and let’s just say the monkeys there are quite a handful.

Watch as one of them hopped up on the young lady’s shoulder and started playing with her hair before, well, let’s just say it didn’t waste any time getting down to monkey business.

“Most people had bananas or other pieces of fruit to encourage the monkeys to come to them, but I did not have anything to lure them,” the woman later wrote. “They were simply attracted to me naturally. The monkey groped my breast and tried to breastfeed after sitting on my shoulder and playing with my hair. It was hilarious.”

Of course, if Harvey Weinstein would have been running around the Sacred Monkey Forest in Bali and doing the same thing, it would not have been as “hilarious.”

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