The Mummified Dog Found In A Tree Trunk Is Baffling The Internet

Photo: De Agostini / C. Baraggi (Getty)

Whether you’re a dog fan or not it’s pretty easy to feel bad for the dog that was found lodged and mummified inside of a tree trunk 20 years after it got stuck in there while chasing animals in Georgia.

The dog, who was known as Stuckie, was found in 1980 by loggers from Kraft Corporation. The story goes that Stuckie became trapped in 1960 after he rain into a hole at the bottom of a tree, and then he climbed 28 feet chasing a small animal. But the more Stuckie climbed the more narrow the tree got and of course he got stuck. Stuckie became stuck and no one ever came to rescue him. And this is how he was found two decades later.

Here’s a closer look:

Photo: Twitter/Southern Forest World

Here’s another look:

Photo: Twitter/Southern Forest World

Stuckie most likely starved to death inside of the chestnut oak. And ever since he was found, Stuckie has astounded people as he’s been donated to the museum, Southern Forest World in Georgia.

And how in the world was this dog preserved so well? Tannin, which is found in the chestnut oat, helped out a lot because it is a natural desiccant which absorbs moisture. The air being blown upward also caused the scent of the dog to be carried away, keeping other animals away as they had no clue a dead dog was there.

And now let me apologize for bumming all of you all, but hey, it’s nature.

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