Toddler Locks Mom’s iPhone For 48 Years Because Kids Are Life-Ruiners

Photo: Sigrid Gombert (Getty)

I know that many parents and guardians out there enjoy giving their iPhones to their kids in hopes of entertaining them long enough to get some peace and quiet, but parents out there may want to think twice about that after hearing this story.

A woman in Shanghai gave her phone to her unsupervised toddler and in no time her son managed to lock her iPhone…for 48 years. You read that right, 48 freaking years. That little brat.

According to TheLADbible, the woman gave her son the phone so he could watch ‘educational videos,’ but she soon discovered that he entered the password wrong so many times that the phone locked for 25 million minutes. And for those that aren’t aware, Apple’s security locks phones in increasing amounts of time for each incorrect password entered. So that kid pushed in 48 years worth of wrong passwords.

“I can’t wait for more than 40 years, the mom told The South China Morning Post. “In 40 years I probably won’t be able to talk. Although I’ll probably joke to my grandchildren ‘this is your dad’s fault.'”

The LADbible

She took the phone to an expert, who told the newspaper that he had seen some phones locked for 80 years (there’s always got to be somebody who goes one better than you, hasn’t there? Or 32 better, in this case).

The technician said: “There is no way to solve it unless she resets the system. All the files cannot be transferred either.”

Usually this wouldn’t be the end of the world as you can reset your phone – assuming you’ve recent backed up on the iCloud. But unluckily for this poor woman, that doesn’t appear to be the case here. As she told the paper she couldn’t reboot as it would mean she lost all her photographs.

So I hope trying to make your son smarter with some educational videos was worth it, lady. Now all those selfies with the puppy dog filter are gone forever.

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